You Can’t Keep Me Here

So, I’m moving to a place that’s pretty far from my job and I tried to transfer. That would’ve been the easy thing to do because the commute is ridiculous and going to interviews near the new place from the old place is a drag. About a week after I requested to transfer, my boss called me into her office. She told me that I’m not what the other place is looking for. Sounds like bullshit because I’m awesome but I don’t really care about that part because the company doesn’t pay me enough for what I do. I’d much rather find a job that pays more. The real problem came about when this woman says, “I’m sorry. I hope you can stay with us.” Umm… No I can’t stay with you. I LIVE TOO FAR. What part of that don’t you understand? Also, you don’t pay me enough. Why would I stay? What are you on?


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