Get Your Own

Working in customer service, you meet a lot of different types of people. Some are really cool. Some are a bit looney. Some are… well… absolutely ridiculous. One day, I was helping an older male customer and at the end, right before he paid, he said, “I guess you want my money now.” That’s a common joke with customers who want to be funny. But this one went a bit further. He went on to say, “I bet that’s what your mom taught you. ‘Take all his money.’ That’s the first thing mothers teach their daughters.” Honestly, I was offended at first. Not all women are gold diggers. Taking a man’s money isn’t hardwired into my brain. Do men really think we all want their money? I decided to move on instead of pondering what could’ve gone wrong in his life to make him think that way. I remembered a thing that my mother actually did teach me. She taught me that everyone has unique experiences which make them who they are. Not everyone has had the same lessons and not everyone has someone in their lives who is as open minded and informative as my mother. I realized that he must have had bad experiences and been ignorant enough to write it off as typical female behavior. Not his fault. He doesn’t know any better. He hasn’t been properly educated and now he’s bitter. Instead of responding with something negative, I assured him that my mother always stressed that I should have my own. If he wants to share, that’s fine with me but the only way to ensure that you have it is to get your own. He lightened up a little and said, “That’s a really good lesson to learn.” I hope I opened his mind at least a little. We aren’t all back stabbing gold diggers. lol You just have to find the right one.


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