Weird Shit people Say To Me

“You’re as cute as a button.”

-Old lady

“Good Lord! I didn’t see that back there.”

-Guy noticing my butt after only seeing me face to face

“You know what I been seein’ a lot of lately?… Midgets!”

-My grandmother

“I just had to bring my wife over here to show her how cute you are.”

-Old guy who couldn’t get over my cuteness

“You can’t lift that. You’re a girl.”

-Old woman at work who needed help lifting cat litter

“Is today a special holiday or somethin’? I haven’t seen thay many Jews in my life, in Heinen’s. I don’t know if it’s a holiday but I never seen that many Jews in Heinen’s in my life.”

-My grandmother

“You look skinny. You want a hot dog?”

-Southern lady

“You cute. How many boyfriends you got?”

-Guy who asked me to break a 50


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